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A big blister

This picture must have been made in the beginning of the summer. The sun seems to be shining hard – that must be a reason why the young man is hiding in the shadow – but the girl is not really tanned yet.
      I don’t like to go to the beach. Not even when the beach is made of rocks instead of sand, as in this picture.
      I went once to a rocky beach in the south of England. They told me there would be palm trees there, but there weren’t any. On the beach there was a woman with a big blister on one of her toes. I thought it was disgusting, but the woman didn’t seem bothered by it at all. Since that day I don’t like to go to the beach.
      The girl on this picture doesn’t seem to have a big blister on one of her toes. Actually I think the girl is very beautiful, although I can’t see her face. And although it’s hard to see his face in the shadow of the huge rock behind him, I think the young man is beautiful as well.
      The fact that the girl is beautiful makes it easier for her to lay topless on the beach. She seems to be very comfortable. She isn’t embarrassed at all.
      A few weeks ago I was introduced to a Brazilian woman. Just before that she was introduced to a friend of mine. As a means of greeting, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
      I didn’t want a kiss on the cheek. I already feel embarrassed when I have to kiss somebody at goodbyes, let alone that I would allow people to kiss me at introductions.
      So when she introduced herself to me I shook her hands while I told her:
      ’I'd rather not have a kiss on the cheek. I don’t like that.’
      The Brazilian woman was not discouraged by this and she tried to kiss me.
      I could have caved in at that point. That is something I do all the time, I have no problems with it. Especially if somebody is really determined, I am easily persuaded.
      This time however I decided to be determined myself. When she tried to kiss me I moved my head backwards while I repeated:
      ’I'd rather not have a kiss on the cheek. I don’t like that.’
      She gave up. But instead of kissing me she kept hold of my hand for a considerable amount of time. Something I experienced as very uncomfortable. I wanted to tell her that if had known she would be holding my hand for that long I would have actually preferred a single kiss on the cheek.
      But in the end I decided not to.
Texts by Feiko Beckers