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Good qualities


This woman apparently has little faith in herself. That is why she has attached this key with a cable tie to a plastic bottle. With the idea in mind that it is harder to lose a plastic bottle than it is to lose a key.
I might have quite a low opinion of myself, I also know there is one thing I am really good at: Not losing my keys. In the last ten years I have only lost my keys twice and then I think it is safe to say that I am really good in not losing them.
It is a quality that has been helpful to me many times. I never have to search for my keys and that saves essential time when for example you have to catch a train or when you are already late for a dinner party.

But recently I wondered whether it is actually a good thing to have as your best quality. What if I signed up with a dating website and in my personal profile I answered the question “What are your good qualities?” with “I am really good in not losing my keys?”
In that case I would not be surprised if nobody responded to my ad.

I decided to ask a friend of mine what she would write down in such a case, something she had to think long and hard about. Eventually she calmly but resolutely declared: “In the end I am only really good in designing websites”.
I though it was a good answer and I immediately decided that I am not ashamed for the fact that not losing my keys is something I am in the end really good at.
Because only people with a very low self-esteem can answer a question like that. And of course I appreciate honesty in a person. Or kindness, loyalty or a good sense of humor. But the thing I actually appreciate most in people is if they have a low self-esteem.
Everybody wants to be surrounded by their equals and for people with a low self-esteem that is no different.

Texts by Feiko Beckers